@AustinBrown performs @MySpace live on November 19th

Along with Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer and actress Ciara Austin will be performing live in Los Angeles on November 19th at the Key Club in West Hollywood! MySpace also has a contest for a chance to win a flyaway to this event. 

Video: Check out @AustinBrown & TommyParker80s on The Q-side with @IamQuddus #backpackkids 

6 photos of @AustinBrown Octover 7th performance at Spoken Funk at Ha Ha Cafe. © 2012 Photography By Naoe | naoepix.com. 

Check out this video report by Carolina Bezerra about Austin and hiS performance at Macy’s.

Austin’s interview with Essence Created on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:54 ESSENCE.com’s “New and Next” column spotlights the brightest new talents we think you should know. This week they meet Austin Brown, who is working hard to create his own spotlight and not live in the shadows of his famous uncles. His debut single “Menage A Trois” boasts a fresh sound while paying tribute to the great sounds of the ’60s and ’70s. Check out the interview!

ESSENCE.com: How would you describe the sound you create?
AUSTIN BROWN: It’s really basic. I just take all of the influences that inspired me to want to make music in the first place and everything that I love and I give my interpretation of it. I kind of just talk it all in, whether it be past sounds from the Beach Boys, Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Jay Charles, all the things that inspired me that I listened to. My producing partner and I like to pay homage to the people, and then we go in on our own personal experience.

ESSENCE.com: How do you think your own family’s music influenced you – particularly your uncle Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5?
BROWN: They influenced me a lot. Not even just from standpoint of the work ethic and their drive for excellence and always trying to give their fans something new and exciting to look forward to, but their overall sound, harmonies and melodic changes. How they brought the energy. Their CD’s would have so much energy, and when you saw it on stage it was like, “Yes!”

ESSENCE.com: How has your family responded to you making music? Have they been very encouraging?
BROWN: Yeah, actually they’ve been really encouraging. At first my mother at first didn’t want me, but I think she was just being protective. When you have a love of something no one is going to stop you from it if you are truly passionate about. And they see me finding myself in it more so. So it’s nothing but encouragement from my entire family.

ESSENCE.com: Does being a Jackson make it easier to go into the music business? BROWN: Well, I think you will obviously get people’s curiosity but that’s really it because people have such an attachment to a sound and the nostalgia that they have grown up with, like the Jackson 5 starting in the late 1960s. So I would completely understand why some people might be reluctant, you know, thinking that there might be an entitlement issue. And it’s not that by any means and I don’t think I really have to say that. I think once they sit down and listen to the music and see what I am really about they see that’s it much deeper than that.

ESSENCE.com: Looking at the musical landscape now, where do you think you fit in? Who do you think is pushing the same agenda that you are?
BROWN: I would say Drake is doing a really great job. And Bruno Mars and their crew are always doing an amazing job of soulful pop feel. And there’s people like Jack White who continue to push their creativity to a whole another level. And so many other musical greats that I look up to and am inspired by. Kanye West is always somebody who doesn’t hide different music styles that he tries to put into his sound.

ESSENCE.com: Where can people see you performing?
BROWN: I will be hitting up a few festivals coming up shortly this year and we will be announcing more tour dates on my website coming up so it’s a lot of performing. A lot, lot, lot of performing. And that’s pretty much what it’s about. The main thing that we are pushing right now is my “Menage” single and video which has been getting some really good love so I’m really excited an happy that people are being receptive to it and wanted to check it and see what I’m really about.

On October 6th, Austin performed at Macys Fox Hills as Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star at Culver City Level 2. Austin, Tommy Parker and Manny Dominick performed an acoustic set. Austin also gave his fans the chance to meet him and get an autograph. Thanks to everyone who shared their photos online! 

On October 7th, Austin will perform a tune at Poetri’s 21st Burfday Bash at the Ha Ha Cafe in North Hollywood where his sister Yashi will also do a spoken word performance.

@AustinBrown supports “Touching Ourselves?!” @letsfcancer

Check out Austin’s video and story in support of Touching Ourselves to encourage people ot get checked, stay healthy and prevent Cancer. 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one, why the hell aren’t you looking for them?! Touching Ourselves! is a self exam video contest presented by Fuck Cancer and Funny or Die. Together we’re calling on comedians and early detection ambassadors to create funny and educational videos about early detection. 

Photo: @AustinBrown & Damon Williams -VP Programming & Content Development Music Choice. On September 11th, Austin performed at Music Choice’s “An Evening of Diversity In Style” mixer that concluded the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity Communications 26th Annual Conference.

Photo: @AustinBrown & Damon Williams -VP Programming & Content Development Music Choice. On September 11th, Austin performed at Music Choice’s “An Evening of Diversity In Style” mixer that concluded the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity Communications 26th Annual Conference.

10 more photos of @AustinBrown Music Choice performance September 11 at An Evening of Diversity In Style in new York. 

Check out this new video of  @AustinBrown interview meeting with BossLady News. The video also has great footage from Austin’s performance at Brockton Rox Summer Concert Series 2012 at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, Massachusett.